As part of a new study promoted by SFFCPF, firefighters Justin Beede and Josh Rademacher, from Station 18 on 32nd Avenue, wore silicone wristbands while on duty for a week. The wristbands are similar to the ones people wear to show support for causes.
It turns out silicon wristbands absorb some kinds of toxins (specifically semi-volatile organic compounds) as you go about your day, creating a record of your cumulative exposure.
Beede and Rademacher, along with eight other firefighters at different stations throughout San Francisco, wore wristbands during their work shift. They would then put the band into a sealed package where it remained while they were off-duty. When they returned to work, they would put the wristband back on. After a week, the wristbands were sent to the University of Oregon for analysis of the toxins each firefighter was exposed to during the week’s work.
Thanks to District 4 Supervisor, Joel Engardio, for highlighting this study and the firefighters who volunteer to participate. We’ll post the results when they are released.
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