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Our health navigators assist active and retired firefighters and their family members by providing physician referrals and resources for their specific type of cancer. We will intervene at any point in the cancer journey.

Our health navigators have assisted hundreds of firefighters and their family members since the program was established in 2012. We work with you or your designee. Our goal is to ensure they you are properly diagnosed and have information about state of the art treatment. We advocate for you through all phases of your cancer journey—diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and supportive care. We gather information about your cancer and concerns and provide guidance as you communicate with your providers. We will refer you to an expert physician who specializes in your type of cancer so you will have the information needed to make treatment decisions. Unfortunately, you may have to speak with Malone.

Active and retired SFFD firefighters and their direct family members are eligible for health navigation and financial assistance. Direct family members include: Spouses, Children, Siblings and Parents. We will assist any firefighter’s family member who is not considered a direct member with health navigation.

It is with great enthusiasm that we are announcing that our Foundation is expanding its health navigation program to serve firefighters with cancer outside of San Francisco to several Bay Area Departments in the coming months.

All active and retired members of the fire service in District 4 & 5 of California Professional Firefighters (CPF), extending from Sonoma to San Jose, are eligible for health navigation and financial assistance. Read more about this major announcement HERE.

People often describe the time after cancer diagnosis as a rollercoaster or whirlwind. Learning you have a cancer is a shock and you may worry about what it means for your life now and in the future. You will need to make many decisions about treatment. Getting full, reliable information is critical. We have put together an important resource that you can view and download HERE. We always say: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Active and retired SFFD firefighters and their direct family members are eligible for financial assistance. Direct family members include: Spouses, Children, Siblings, and Parents.

Active and retired members of District 4 California Professional Firefighters are eligible for financial assistance.

If not covered by your health insurance, we will reimburse you for your out of pocket costs for an expert physician consultation, tumor genetic profiling or travel and accommodations associated with out of the area consultations. These amounts are limited—we will discuss with you at the time of referral.

Reimbursement Schedule
Up to:
$1,000.00 for our referral for an expert physician consultation
$3,000.00 for genetic tumor profiling, aka genomic profiling
$2,500.00 for travel and accommodations to an expert out of the area

We will quickly link active firefighters to the SFFD’s specially trained Workers Compensation representatives who will advise you and assist in filing the required paperwork. This may allow you access to cancer services outside of your primary health insurance’s network.

Since Jan 2018, 39 brave SFFD firefighters* have been referred to SFFCPF for Health Navigation and diagnosed with cancer. To date, 34 have survived and, sadly, 5 have not.

SFFD Status: Active 14 l Retired 25

Gender: Women 4 l Men 35

Type of Cancer:

GastrointestinaI Tract (8): Liver 1 l Pancreas 2 l Colon 3 l Rectal 2

Genitourinary Tract (7): Kidney 2 l Bladder 1 l Prostate 3 l Testicle 1

Skin/Soft Tissue (7): Basal/Squamous Cell 5 l Melanoma 1 l Sarcoma 1

Blood/Lymph (6): Multiple Myeloma 3 l Lymphoma 2 l Leukemia 1

Oral (4) l Breast (3) l Brain (2) l Thyroid (1) l Lung (1)

*Limited to the number referred to/known by SFFCPF

(415) 621-7103


Jeff Malone, Retired SFFD
Cancer Survivor

Judith Lynch, RN, BS MAOM
Healthcare Advocate