Prevention is one of our top priorities. Through a combination of education, advocacy, partnership, and funding, the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation works to prevent unnecessary exposures to carcinogenic toxins for firefighters on the job.

We educate every incoming SFFD fire academy class about the cancer risks in our profession. We also provide continuing education to San Francisco firefighters throughout their careers on cancer risks and steps they can take to reduce exposures.

View our Pre- And Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) Substance Awareness slideshow HERE.

Working with community partners and firefighting industry leaders, we advocate for changes in regulations and legislation, and to raise awareness and reduce the presence of toxins on the fire ground and in our homes and workplaces. It is increasingly clear that firefighting foam and protective equipment are included in this category, and we are committed to seeking safer alternatives.

View the Firefighting Foam webinar (June 23, 2021) that our board director, FF Arlene Nuñez participated in on the value of PFAS-free firefighting foam and the standard set by GreenScreen Certified, a program of Clean Production Action.

Working with the administrations of the SFFD, we help craft policy changes and emphasize the need for more and safer personal protective equipment to help reduce the risk of job-related cancer.

As new technology becomes available, the SFFCPF has put forward the seed money to launch pilot programs that protect firefighters. The adoption of commercial extractors to clean turnouts by the SFFD began with the purchase of the first ten extractors by the Foundation. We are now supporting a pilot program exploring the use of infrared saunas after fire exposures.