On Wednesday, April 5, over 500 firefighters and family members rallied in Phoenix to support Goodyear, AZ Firefighter Gilbert Aguirre. Gilbert was diagnosed with leukemia eight years ago, but the insurance company contracted by his workers compensation system denied his claim. Over the past eight years, Gilbert continued to work full time while undergoing aggressive cancer treatment. He also spoke out about his case, leading to ground-breaking new cancer protections for Arizona’s firefighters. However, Copper Point insurance company continues to deny Gilbert’s claim, arguing that the new protections Gilbert helped win don’t apply to him.


Gilbert’s case goes before the Arizona State Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. The San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation stands with Gilbert and his family. Pictured are SFFCPF board members Margie Favro and Adam Wood, Local 798 President Floyd Rollins, and Protect Our Benefits President Fred Sanchez.